New release Ink Clouds And Axe Revealer

CD-R…limited to 100 copies £6 including postage within UK, overseas people get in touch for postage.

Synth-a-delic recordings from mid-2010 originally only available at live shows – six new tunes ranging from a bizarre “tribute” to early 80s Paul McCartney to a heavy mellotron and birdsong mash-up. All in all, this CDR is quite in keeping with the analogue/early-digital-fixated “climes” of 2010, when all the Hypnagogos dreamed of a return to the terrors of the 1980s, which has now become a sordid reality as reflected in Cameron and Cleggs’ fetid faces.

“I gave Ink Clouds And Axe Revealer about six straight spins … I was transported back to the mid 70’s and kept uttering names like Froese and Fripp and maybe even Tomita to myself. Somehow they’ve managed to squeeze in Chris Carter along the way too. The psychedelic drone is still in full effect of course with Todd’s guitar soaring away like a high voltage out of control lava lamp but for now it comes wrapped in a 70’s prog keyboard homage. At least on the second track ‘Secretaries of the Future’ it does, which is pure mid 70’s solo Froese and somehow feeds in to the current craze for all things Emeralds keyboard prog. Theres even a hint of some breathy Florian Schneider flute sounds. ‘Horn Progress Affectation’ even goes and outdoes Emeralds stringer McGuire in the melody stakes – its a dual guitar duel with high end electric guitar dabs producing notes of short star like blink quality over a bed of keyboard note melody – theres a bit of Pussyfooting Fripp in there too. Erased by Ornithology, Incorporation Pop and Faxing sit in more familiar Ash Navs territory whilst last track Sponge isn’t a million miles away from Throbbing Gristles AB/7A. A bit like AB/7A meets Walter Wanderely in fact.
These six tracks and thirty minutes worth are what keep bringing me back to Ashtray Navigations. Not a bad track, not a bad second of work, endlessly listenable, totally rewarding. An impressive achievement. I’m a fan. I’ll always be a fan. No doubt some label is queueing up the vinyl reissue already. Bring it on. ” – Idwal Fisher

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2 Responses to New release Ink Clouds And Axe Revealer

  1. astralsocialclub says:

    i’ll concur w/ the Idwal – this one’s a beast – welcome to wordpress too … are you getting some sound samples up soon?

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