Upcoming releases

There’s a few new Ashtray releases building up in the pipeline. They should come flushing out soon.

We’re recording a 7″ for Trensmat. Hopefully we’ll be doing the first ever Ashtray gig in Ireland to coincide with its release.


We have contributed a track to a compilation for WFMU’s Daniel Blumen show.  For this all the artists have had a go at with covering songs which were a youthful inspirarion to them. You’ll be able to hear’ Ashtray have a stab at ‘Ride A White Swan’ by T-Rex, as well as other offerings from Aaron Moore (Volcano The Bear),Neil Campbell and many others. Not quite sure where this will be available, maybe best to contact the show.

More updates on releases on Peasant Magik, Public Eyesore, and more news on the vinyl issue of Ink Clouds and Axe Revealer coming soon…

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3 Responses to Upcoming releases

  1. Mystic Tune says:

    Blog looking suitably Ashtray! Good work. Looking forward to ‘Ride A White Swan’ , any more covers on the cards?
    Ginger ill boy

    • Hiya,

      no plans for other cover versions at the minute, but if someone asked, who knows? Mel is working on her covers of Telstar and another 60s classic, but don’t know when or if they will surface.

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