Upcoming LP by The Piss Superstition out soon on memoirs of an aesthete.

This will be released next month on Memoirs of an Aesthete.  I know this isn’t strictly Ashtray stuff, but we haven’t got a Memoirs website yet.  If you love Ashtray Navigations , this upcoming LP by Julian Bradley will absolutely float your dirigible, and we advise you to hop on board:

vinyl LP…limited to 250 copies….due early March 2011

The suave Mr.Bradley is of course best known for being a founder member of The Vibracathedral Orchestra. If you’ve never heard of them, well, I don’t believe you, but in case its true, you may remember him from Birmingham’s finest amplifier drone crew The Negative Kite, or his early duo work with Neil Campbell.  Or for a series of very limited solo releases, mostly cassettes and mostly ultra limited editions, either under his own name or as A Companion As Glamorous As Sleeping On Wheels. When last sighted on stage he was  blazing through “Human Cannonball” in the rockband version of Birds Of Delay.

This LP is the first Julian Bradley sighting for a number of years, and the first vinyl since a ltd.100 LP on Giardia sometime in the mid-90s.
“A Theme Park For Whatever Happened Before” features eight tracks of intricate electronic caligraphy produced by archaic and malfunctioning effects units, unsweetened by digital reverb or any other modern day fripperies. Fuzztone and feedback patterns pulsating and intersecting to create a unique sound which mixes drone electronics, garage psych and a lumbering dose of doom metal.

It doesn’t sound quite like anything else ever, but if you can imagine The Dead C eviscerating the instrumental bits off the first Roxy Music album you’re halfway there.  Mr.Bradley is not a ten-CDR-a-month man, to put it mildly, so don’t miss out on this rare vinyl appearance, which has a full pro-printed colour cover (truly a Memoirs first).

We’re taking preorders on this, £10 plus postage to wherever you are.  See shop page for postage rates.  To place an order please send paypal to ashtraynavigations@hotmail.com. We will dispatch your record as soon as they come in.

Here’s an exclusive preview of selected snippets from the record:

Spread the word, tell your friends, or if you like, tell your enemies too.

More news soon…

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