‘T-Shirt’ T-Shirt and CD packages available now

A while ago Mel hand screen-printed and tie dyed some Ashtray t-shirts, using an original design of Phil’s.  These have been rocked by Sarah from Sunburned and Pete Coward in the taper’s pit and definitely turn some heads. We’ve got a few left so we’ve put them together in a package with a CD of an exclusive track. The shirts were printed on Gildan Heavyweight Tees using Dylon dye and a hand-drawn and painted screen. That means the qualities of every t-shirt are different, some of the prints are sharp and some have a spray painted quality.  The CD features hand drawn artwork by Phil.  We think it’s pretty “transplendent” all round.

If you want to score one of these it’s £30 for the package.  They’re available in very limited amounts of Small, Medium or Large. Use the contact form to order, and please say which design you’d prefer (using the numbers on the photo above as a guide).

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1 Response to ‘T-Shirt’ T-Shirt and CD packages available now

  1. Pete Coward says:

    hell yeah, bitch feckin magnet in my ash nav tshirt. join the queue ladiezzzzz.

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