Preorders now on for new Trensmat 7″- Three Rockets Thicken

Available for pre-order NOW from Trensmat

Three Rockets Thicken

7″ + digital download


New Ashtray Navigations release “Three Rockets Thicken” will be released in August by the excellent Irish label Trensmat.  Please preorder to avoid missing out, as this will be super limited and will sell out, which looks like making it a rare AshNav release in the future.  Note: Only preorderers will be guaranteed a copy of this.

“Packing 3 tracks onto their first piece of vinyl for Trensmat, the ultra-prolific Ashtray Navigations bring 20 years of recording experience to the table for you, the discerning listener.

A-side ‘Monkey Music/Throw Money At The Monkeys’ marries gentle melodic guitar twanging to intense trebly arpeggios and ascending/descending sweeps of synth. An effect at once calming and unnerving, the ride lasts for almost six minutes, giving ample time to get lost before snapping back to reality long enough to turn the record over.

‘Dinshan P Ghadali’ the shorter of the two tracks on the B, is a seemingly momentary snapshot where melancholic pads and fretwork intertwine beneath a slow electronic pulse. ‘Rocket Dust Slipping Out Of Your Mouth Some Afternoon’ begins with a clean analogue synth line that is soon accompanied by multiple layers of soaring guitars and white noise – all of which is held together for a time with sparse electronic percussion before the layers are eventually peeled back to a serene finale…and the rocket dust settles.

Of course we wouldn’t just leave you hanging like that – on the sleeve is a URL to take you to an exclusive digital extra piece, ‘War Is Like A Cake’. This near 20-minute blowout features soothing ambient waves throughout, though it does contrast with the relative calm of the vinyl tracks – the noise war begins 55 seconds in and is served slice by slice for much of the remaining duration.

Pre-orders will be immediately sent a link to the download package.

VERY limited edition 7″ in full colour wraparound picture sleeve (+ 3 downloads).
Check out previews of the tracks here:

Monkey Music/Throw Money At The Monkeys

Dinshan P Ghadali

Rocket Dust Slipping Out Of Your Mouth Some Afternoon

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