Ashtray Navigations supporting Aaron Moore (volcano the bear) 9th September

Thought I’d better flag this up because it’s really near.  Interesting to point out this is actually the first Ashtray gig since January, so come and see just how ‘tight’ we are. Sort of a warmup for the Wysing Music Festival the next day, which we’ll be playing with Seth Cooke (Gangbatte, the other band on this bill).
And no doubt Aaron will be extremely entertaining. I was going to say he’s always the consumate professional, but that makes him seem very dull, and he’s certainly not that. Don’t know much about what he’ll be doing with this new Invisible Sports project, I GIS’ed it and a load of videos came up of people actually playing invisible sports. Had no idea this was a ‘thing’.
Fri 9th Sept
Invisible Sports (Aaron Moore / Volcano The Bear)
Ashtray Navigations
Gangbatte (Seth Cooke)
The Fox & Newt
8pm / £5 otd
Ah, here’s some real info about Aaron:
Invisible Sports
Invisible Sports is a new project by improvisor and composer Aaron Moore. Drums, vocals, trumpet, and tapes are the basis of Moore’s instrumentation, though anything that makes a sound that can be manipulated, rhythmically or melodically, is of equal importance to him. Moore is a founding member of the British band Volcano the Bear, now in their fifteenth year together. Moore’s current musical projects include the New York–based Amolvacy (with Dave Nuss of the No-Neck Blues Band), a duo with Alan Courtis, and the Paris-based Textile Orchestra. Moore has played on more than twenty-five albums, performed across Europe and the United States, and collaborated with Jeremy Barnes, Tom Recchion, the Boredoms, Thierry Muller, Steve Mackay, Paul Dunmall, Michael Snow, and Mats Gustaffson, among others. Moore was born in Market Harborough, England, and now resides in Brooklyn.
You may know Seth from playing drums in the A Band and being in Hunting Lodge and Ultrahumanitarian. Solo he’s got a wierd array of pedals strapped to a Black N Decker workmate which he plays like a drumkit, it’s pretty great.
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