New releases on Trensmat, Medusa and Scum Tapes out now! Appollaan CDr coming soon….

Believe it or not, THREE new Ashtray Navigations releases have landed this week. We’re almost back to our circa 2004 level of productivity after a relatively Scott Walker-esque couple of years of release-restraint. Almost… It is all relative I guess.

Three Rockets Thicken, out now on Trensmat Records

The THREE ROCKETS THICKEN 7″ on Trensmat is finally here, and if you didn’t manage to pre-order,we have a few copies available. Three smooth cuts of 2011 style Ashtray (all solo Todd this time) and a bonus long ‘n’ loud download only track. Available from us for £4,or see for this and whatever else this superb Irish label are up to.

Medusa records in Canada serves up another lovely package on the HUMAN WRECKTRONICS/TOO FEW NOTES cassette which has also arrived here this week.

Human Wrecktronics/Too Few Notes, Medusa

Two long Todd re-workings and re-overdubbings of numerous unreleased jams featuring Neil Campbell on one side and O’Dubhshlaine and Legard on the other, packaged in a very nice fold-out silkscreened card sleeve. £6 from us or see –

Aggressive Navigations cassette resissue, Scum Tapes

One from the department of mouldy oldies or horrors from the crypt… Phil Smith’s legendary 90s tape label Scum Records is back in business and has excavated the AGGRESSIVE NAVIGATIONS cassette EP,originally released by E.F. Tapes back in… 1994? 1923?… hey, I’m too old to remember. A collaboration with Greg Dimond’s one-man No Wave project Aggressive Misery (hey, Greg if yer out there get in touch!) – did Ashtray Navigations really sound even half like this? Don’t let the hair or the synths fool you, we’re punks and always will be. £3 from us. Phil is promising more reissues of vintage delights. This may be the best way to get in touch with him

And more to follow, we are expecting a new CDR entitled ELECTRONICALLY RECHANNELLED BAND AND STREET CHOIR from Apollolaan Recordings to arrive any day soon. This is sort of a live album, except there are tons of overdubs and half of it is from the rehearsal rather than the gig. All good rocking stuff though – want to hear us play our version of “Disco Duck” live at Dewsbury Socialist Club? You will, soon. Nice cover too, and pro-dubbed CDRs. See


All these releases and more will be available from us at the PAST PRESENT FUTURE: SPACE-TIME  festival in Wysing on the 10th September, our gig in Leeds with Aaron Moore the day before, or any other time and place by getting in touch .

To take us til the end of the year (maybe)…more Ashtray Navigations:
– STIR THE BATTER FASTER triple cassette on  Peasant Magik
– at least one more release on the wonderful Medusa label

– INK CLOUDS AND AXE REVEALER LP reissued by Nyali Recordings
– LIVE ON PLANET CARPET CD-R on Paul Foldhead’s new (as yet unnamed, I think)  label
– DEADICATED TO THE SENSORY ARMADA cassette on Memoirs Of An Aesthere (still finishing up this one)

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4 Responses to New releases on Trensmat, Medusa and Scum Tapes out now! Appollaan CDr coming soon….

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  2. Dave McEwan says:

    I used to be in a band called Sensory Armada in the 60’s

  3. rhid says:

    Any “Human Wrecktronics” tapes left ?

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