Bulletin: New LP available for preorder, Video of Cardiff gig + more

A short clip of the Cardiff gig is now available put together by the guys from Rusty Trombone of God.  We’re at the end: http://vimeo.com/31821266

Thanks again to everyone in Cardiff, and especially Murray for organising  it.

Don’t forget our Bradford gig on Friday with The Sentimentalists.

MORE NEWS: ***NEW LIMITED*EDITION LP available now on pre-order***

First Ashtray vinyl LP for 2 years, believe it or not… seven new numbers
recorded between summer and autumn 2011, a heartfelt dedication to the lost
and unrecorded 60s London psych duo and to all sounds which have been
sucked into the air and are gone forever.
This release has another UK psych duo (the 90s-00s one, I mean) in the
latest stage of their immersion in the synths and sequencers “cosmos” which
has edged into recent Ashtray Navigations releases, plus quite a few new
moves which should give an indication of future directions. Piled up guitar
structures, cascading rhythms and the first recorded appearance of drummer
Mr Seth Cooke who has beknighted recent Ashtray live gigs with his
majesterial presence. Yep it’s a heavy one. Again.
These are already selling fast, these will be available through the usual choice distributors, or you can reserve one at a special price through preorder at Bandcamp now:

expected to ship 21st November, though hopefully before then.

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