Review of “Human Wrecktronics/Too Few Notes” cassette

A nice review by new Greek blog tileskopio of the “Human Wrecktronics/Too Few Notes” cassette on Medusa (who have just released our new recordings ‘Three Spots Two Circles” in a georgeous package, now available from us or the label) .  “Human Wrecktronics…” is now sold out from Medusa and Ashtray HQs, but you may be able to track one down at our distributors.   The Babel Fish translation as always is stunning, but if you want to read it in the original Greek it’s here.

Translated version:

this sweet illness #80: [kasseta]

“The phil todd and all company around from ashtray navigations they continue litteraly [akamata] publishing beloved sounds so much for them what for us. from the last parcel that we exchanged with [fil] I anticipated to hear human wrecktronics. armless title [trello] cover [kassetas] and near 40 thinly magic.

In the first side with the neil campbell they give [amagalma] of [psychedelikoy] sound in the footprints of classic sound of group a carpet of sounds that in his is unfolded thousands sounds and effect progressive lo-fi no so much as long as other works but in the footprints of this beloved sound. and in second with mel delaney and phil legard (xenis emputae travelling band) in more droneology logic a long hum that the things develops more late concerning the first side but functions as the counterpoise the one of other. or at least thus bursted in the brain I the morning of Friday that him I heard for morning awakening.

music in order to you begin your day all joy!”

Lots of other interesting records reviewed on that site so check it out.

“the [diadiktyakos] place fanzine the error end of telescope and other perseverances.”


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