Review of Ashtray in Cardiff and upcoming gigs

Hi, thought it was time I put another post on here.  More of the action has been happening over on facebook and this has been neglected of late.

Just came across this rather nice writeup of our Cardiff gig from October which had passed us by.  It’s pretty dead on the nail, so rare to find a journalist who ‘gets it’. So, thanks to Iain Peebles, may yer pen never run dry!
We’ve got a few gigs coming up in the next few months.  On Saturday 18th August we’re playing with the excellent Core of the Coalman and others at the Fox and Newt in Leeds.

And on the 23rd September there’s an amazing lineup of Mik Quantius (singer of legendary band Embryo) and Dagora from the Netherlands and Early Hominids (Neil Campbell and Paul Walsh again in Leeds at Wharf Chambers

November is pretty busy with lots of Ashtray action, with gigs on the 3rd at Dewsbury Socialist Club, in Glasgow the weekend of the 9th-11th, and at the Fox and Newt in Leeds on the 14th.  More info on those soon.

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