Gigs coming up in Belgium, Greece, Italy!

We have more upcoming gigs in  the next few months in Ghent, Belgium, Thessaloniki, Greece, Milan, Italy and as part of Leeds International Film Festival.

Kraak’s Eastern Daze Festival focuses on ‘The Burning Bliss of Eternal Trance‘.  Featuring Karkhana (lb/eg/tr), Arnold Dreyblatt (us), Inşalar (tr), Görkem Şem (tr),  and Antti Tolvi (fi).  That’s on the 28th November at Vooruit in Ghent, Belgium.

We’re playing in Thessaloniki, Greece on the 5th December, more details on the venue when we know it, or if you’re in Thessaloniki just follow the crowds (or something like that)

As part of Leeds International Film Festival we’ve “c-worded” an evening of classic experimental short films and a performance by us, which will be on the 11th November at the Belgrave Music Hall.  Full details coming soon, keep watching the LIFF website which will launch the 2015 programme on 9th October.  All films will be shown on yer actual 16mm film!

Got shows in the works for Milan Italy, Germany and more next year, keep watching for details.

Lastly don’t forget to come and see us at the ICA in London on Saturday, as part of Blackest Ever Black‘s festival

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