Ashtray at Supernormal August 2016, thanks to IMPATV
Ashtray Navigations 11.3.09 The Elevens Northampton, MA with John Maloney. Thanks to ZEBU1212, MV&EE, John, Mick, Chris and SBHOTM.
Short excerpt of Ashtray Navigations set from Goldenlabs  Rowf Rowf Rowf festival on the 23rd and 24th August 2008 at Islington Mill, Salford.
ashtray navigations termite club @ packhorse leeds summer 09
@ Bang The Bore III Part 1, the Hobbit, Southampton, 18/10/09
@ Bang the Bore III Part 2, Southampton, 18/10/09
Part 1: Recorded live at West Coast Rock Cafe, Topping Street, Blackpool. A fine night was had by all, thanks to Simon and Kate for organising it, and to all the other bands that made the night so great: Sex Wound, Circolo Maladetti, Sump, Oz Oz Alice and The Debbie McGees.

Blackpool part 2

Blackpool Part 3

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