More uploads on Bandcamp

For your listening pleasure we’ve added a few more items from the back catalogue to the Ashtray Navigations and Memoirs of an Aesthete bandcamps.  There’s the first ever release by our synth-centric sideline Human Combustion Engine, from back in 2008. This was one of the picks of the Wire’s primer. Space yourself out to “Bryan Adams In a Tribute To CRASS” and other toe-tapper(s), and Ashtray Weeks, an an unreleased Ashtray Navigations LP from 1998-2000 (which did come out as a ltd.30 CDR in 2004).  Also the very limited live recording of our first ever gig at Oto. As Mr Dan Spicer so aptly observed, the name ‘Live at Oto’ is fast becoming the ‘Live at the Village Vanguard’ for the 21st Century.  Also just added a personal favourite, Aurora Sweet Greaserocket.   ashtray weeks front front

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