New subscribers-only release for Bandcamp Friday 07.05.2021

superior feelings no. 2 bandcamp subscriber edition cover art
Superiorfeelings No. 2

We’ve got a new special subscribers only release coming up for Bandcamp Friday, titled Superiorfeelings No. 2, you can get that by signing up for our subscription service:

Also coming up is a new LP on Blue Tapes, and T-shirts, more information soon!

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New radio show tomorrow (Thursday 06.05.2021 4pm CET) on CAMP Radio

Ashtray Navigations band photo with mirrors

The 2nd Ashtray radio show will be streaming live this Thursday at 4pm CET (that’s 3pm UK time, 10am EST, 11pm in Japan, Midnight on Friday in Australia and 7am PDT, for all you early risers) Music from Lamont Dozier, Embryo, Rose Royce, Sonny and Linda Sharrock, Wizzard and many more! Phil and Mel will be doing some talking in this one!

It can be listened to again afterwards at CAMPs Mixcloud. Our show from last month is still up there:

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New Ash Nav “Water Hole…” CDs arrive!

New CDRs turned up and pre-orders went out today (thanks everyone). There are a small handful of copies left, if you don’t want to miss out, bandcamp!

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Bandcamp Friday again! new CD/DL…Water Hole Or It’s Better To Be Clean Than Fancy

Water Hole Or It’s Better To Be Clean Than Fancy…new Ashtray pulsations and freakouts for everyone’s favourite bank holiday, Bandcamp Friday. DL now, CD in a couple of weeks.


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Still remembering fun, one year on…

This happened exactly one year ago today.

Hopefully it will happen again before too much longer, or something like it will, at least.

Until then, you can relive those times with your ears, and if you decide to throw some money in (if you have some), Wharf Chambers (where those kind of things used to happen a year ago, and hopefully will be again soon) will be the sole beneficiaries.

Thanks everyone, keep hanging in in there!

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Greatest Imaginary Hits featured in end of year best of lists on Bandcamp, The Quietus, The Wire…

We were so busy getting “What The Fuck Did I Dream” and “Light Consequences” (which are some of our best by the way- check ’em out!) to press that we snoozed on the fact that Greatest Imaginary Hits made some end of year best of lists! First time for everything. We missed it because we didn’t realise it would be in the separate compilations and reissues lists.

Marc Masters gave us a lovely writeup in his review of the Bandcamp Best Experimental Albums of 2020. Check out the other good stuff he features here too:

The compilation made it all the way to number 8 in The Quietus’ reissues of the year. Here’s Dustin Krcatovich’s writeup of us, click the link to read about all the other great albums reissued this year.

And it was 24 in The Wire’s reissues. Get the new issue here to check out who else made the list

Also notably, we were shouted out by the delightfully named DJ Petirrojo, who collects music related to birds, whether musically or visually. His Twitter account is here:

Cheers everyone!

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Thurston Moore & Phil Todd Distant Duo now available

As part of the final batch of Mary Staubitz and Russ Waterhouse’s “very 2020” series of blindfold duets, Ashtray Navigations’s Phil Todd and Thurston Moore (who I think was in some band or other once, dunno…) have contributed 5 mins of guitar (and a bit of sampler) intricacies for your entertainment. Bandcamp and be sure to check out the vast array of luminaries and legends in the other 77 installments. Its all great stuff.

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Bandcamp Friday! Two new CDR/DLs…What The Fuck Did I Dream…Light Consequences

What The Fuck Did I Dream

One long track, revisiting old times of textural drift from prior Ashtray installments, with added 21st century pixel dancing…furniture music flatpacked and automatically assembling and reassembling itself in time


Light Consequences

Eight action pieces – jumping guitars, firecracker rhythms, dub murk and blend, field recordings and distant walls of fuzz, a fun size variety bag of audio illuminations.


Those who do not bandcamp, available here for £5 per CDR plus postage. Contact ashtraynavigations (at) hotmail (dot) com

We also have a fine array of merchandise still available, if you want to wear or drink out of your very own Ashtray Navigation!

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Two new Ashtray CDR/DLs, due early December

Hoping to get these ready and available for Bandcamp Friday (Dec 4)…

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Pete Coward R.I.P.

With a heavy heart we face the loss of our friend and loyal AshNav supporter Pete Coward, compiler of one of the discs on our recent retropsective. Pretty much uniquely on the UK underground music scene, he didn’t make music, run a record label or write a blog, but he was an integral part of it for so many of us. There’s a Pete shaped hole now.

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