Ashtray Navigations web shop update!

We’ve updated the SHOP on this here website to include the new Ashtray and O’Dubhshlaine LPs and a load of new and old goodies. These include new reduced prices on some things, the reappearance of some things that haven’t been seen for years and…most (un) excitingly – several old BETLEY WELCOMES CAREFUL DRIVERS titles which have been rediscovered hidden in a warehouse on the moon! seriously! Please relax and shop, as they say at Leeds airport.

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Tracks from A Shimmering Replica on radio coast to coast

The ‘Quite Village’ track from A Shimmering Replica was played by Jeff Connklin on last weeks edition of The Avant Ghetto on WFMU.  Thanks Jeff!  For a limited time you can listen again here:

Jonathan Herwig also played a track from limited CDr ‘Spray’ on his show ‘Blurred and Obscured’, alongside speeches by Christopher Hitchens, strangely enough.  Many thanks Johnathan.

There’s loads of other people who’ve played our music on WFMU over the years, and to list them all would take an age, but many thanks to you all your support is greatly appreciated.

Also Dan Spicer dropped tracks by Ashtray and Mel O’Dubhslaine into his Mystery Lesson broadcast from 25th May, Sorry it’s taken us so long to get round to mentioning that, a lot of the episodes are available on the website and are always worth a listen. Cheers to Dan.

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Blackest Ever Black Fest writeup in Fact mag

A trailer article here for the Blackest Ever Black event at the ICA that we’re playing.  And a picture of the poster.

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Upcoming gigs at ICA and Manchester

We’re very pleased to have been invited to play at the legendary ICA in London on the 26th September by top record label Blackest Ever Black, along with Stefan Jaworzyn and Dalhous. More details here.  Also, on the 17th October, we’re playing in Manchester’s Northern Quarter as part of the 5th Carefully Planned Festival.  We’ll be at the Castle Hotel on Oldham Street, along with Commiserations (who we’ve so far missed seeing, so that should be a treat). Tickets for both events are on sale now, follow the links in the other links and you’ll get there.  More gig updates coming soon.

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Ashtray Navigations featured in the Wire magazine and more stuff

Welcome back, we’ve been pretty lax updating this blog.  If you haven’t been made aware yet, we’re on the cover of Wire #378, and there’s a massive feature on us and some pals.  Also there’s a primer on music from West Yorkshire.  Phil’s also put together this selection of tracks from the upcoming retrospective box set due out on Golden Lab Records in the near future, picked by Ashtray superfans Rob Hayler, Henry Rollins, Neil Campbell and Pete Coward.  The new album ‘A Shimmering Replica’ is out on VHF records on 24th July. You can pre-order now.

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Ashtray Navigations New Years Update January 2014

Happy New Year, again!  The new year’s resolution is to update this blog more regularly.

Changes to full time unenjoyment and the faff of moving house meant last year was a bit of a quiet time for AshNav.  But we still managed to release 2 new albums, Cloud Come Cadaver and Spray.

Spray especially was quite enjoyed by some people in the know and got some honorable mentions in end of year lists here and here and in this lovely review by the ever-wonderful Idwal Fisher which has just appeared.  Still some copies of Spray for sale via bandcamp and downloads of this and many more releases.

2 older recordings also finally saw the light of day in 2013, see last post for the Pelktopia split LP (we haven’t got any left, you’ll have to contact the label if you want one),  and Insect Descent recorded in 2008 which came out on the great Obsolete Units label.  A glowing review is here, but don’t let him convince you, listen for yourself.  We have a few of these left if you’d like one, or order from the label.

It was an honour for Memoirs of an Aesthete to win ‘Label of the year’ in the hotly contested Zellaby Awards 2013 organised by  Radio Free Midwich, promise we didn’t bribe the judge- much! Also chuffed that Cloud Come Cadaver came second in best album category.  There’s no shame in being pipped at the post by the mighty Piss Superstition. (Memoirs Piss Superstition vinyl LP release still available to buy, get in touch completists, shameless plug etc…)

Not much doing on the live side in 2013, but we did have a very nice time hanging out at the mighty fine Cafe Oto in the good company of Alexander Tucker and Bridget Hayden.  Thanks to Alex and pals for putting that together, it was a highlight of our year.  Recon Fest in Bradford and Leeds was also a meeting of all sorts of weirdos (in a good way), but alas Phil was denied the chance to see the return of Vibracathedral (twice!) to his great annoyance.

There were a few long gestated ‘memoirs’ releases by other artists finally getting out there, Knurr and Spell (Northern Spell in Yorkshire dialect), a compilation of psychedelic noisers from Leeds and around described as ‘damn near perfect’ by Radio Free Midwich, the solo record by Leeds’ own Noise Concréte exponent Half An Abortion, debut album by distorto-sludge supergroup Castrato Attack Group (a band Mel likes to call the hardest working act in music, as they all have full-time day jobs), and last and mostly the reissue of the super rare and very very very good ‘Earth Calling’ by Fumio Kosakai, best known as half of Incapacitants. Check ’em out on bandcamp and get hold of the physical articles if you fancy…

It looks like Ashtray Navigations is now officially ‘Prog’.  Which is kind of news to us, very nice of them and thanks for their kind words, even if they’re not sure what country we’re from or how to spell the name. But such little misunderstandings add spice to life.

Anyway, the big news is it’s 2014, and that means 20 years of Ashtray Navigations.  Our first release, a split cassette with ‘Tinsnips’ on the Face Like A Smacked Arse label, was recorded and possibly released in January 1994.  Plans are afoot to do something big to celebrate.  Watch this space…

Maybe Joincey will even get Tinsnips back together? Who knows…

(Mel says ‘blimey, maybe 2013 wasn’t so quiet after all.’)

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new Ashtray Navigations/Pelktopia split LP here!

First off, belated happy new year to you all. Sorry we haven’t had any updates for a while. There’s not been too much news to report of late, but things are hotting up at the start of 2013 with tons of new stuff upcoming, so keep watching.


We have one new release here already, a split LP with Tokyo’s superb Pelktopia, released by YŌGOH RECORD, their first vinyl release. I’m not sure how many copies of this there are, or how many will make it out of Japan, but we’ve got a box of ’em. If you want one, please be quick as we suspect it’ll sell out soon.

Listen to a clip here:


£10 from us, plus postage (£3 UK, £6 Europe, £8 rest of world- send paypal to, though if you are closer to Japan than we are it’ll be better to go here –


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Review of Ashtray in Cardiff and upcoming gigs

Hi, thought it was time I put another post on here.  More of the action has been happening over on facebook and this has been neglected of late.

Just came across this rather nice writeup of our Cardiff gig from October which had passed us by.  It’s pretty dead on the nail, so rare to find a journalist who ‘gets it’. So, thanks to Iain Peebles, may yer pen never run dry!
We’ve got a few gigs coming up in the next few months.  On Saturday 18th August we’re playing with the excellent Core of the Coalman and others at the Fox and Newt in Leeds.

And on the 23rd September there’s an amazing lineup of Mik Quantius (singer of legendary band Embryo) and Dagora from the Netherlands and Early Hominids (Neil Campbell and Paul Walsh again in Leeds at Wharf Chambers

November is pretty busy with lots of Ashtray action, with gigs on the 3rd at Dewsbury Socialist Club, in Glasgow the weekend of the 9th-11th, and at the Fox and Newt in Leeds on the 14th.  More info on those soon.

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Review of “Human Wrecktronics/Too Few Notes” cassette

A nice review by new Greek blog tileskopio of the “Human Wrecktronics/Too Few Notes” cassette on Medusa (who have just released our new recordings ‘Three Spots Two Circles” in a georgeous package, now available from us or the label) .  “Human Wrecktronics…” is now sold out from Medusa and Ashtray HQs, but you may be able to track one down at our distributors.   The Babel Fish translation as always is stunning, but if you want to read it in the original Greek it’s here.

Translated version:

this sweet illness #80: [kasseta]

“The phil todd and all company around from ashtray navigations they continue litteraly [akamata] publishing beloved sounds so much for them what for us. from the last parcel that we exchanged with [fil] I anticipated to hear human wrecktronics. armless title [trello] cover [kassetas] and near 40 thinly magic.

In the first side with the neil campbell they give [amagalma] of [psychedelikoy] sound in the footprints of classic sound of group a carpet of sounds that in his is unfolded thousands sounds and effect progressive lo-fi no so much as long as other works but in the footprints of this beloved sound. and in second with mel delaney and phil legard (xenis emputae travelling band) in more droneology logic a long hum that the things develops more late concerning the first side but functions as the counterpoise the one of other. or at least thus bursted in the brain I the morning of Friday that him I heard for morning awakening.

music in order to you begin your day all joy!”

Lots of other interesting records reviewed on that site so check it out.

“the [diadiktyakos] place fanzine the error end of telescope and other perseverances.”


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New Ashtray release on Medusa

Just arrived today – new Ashtray Navigations double 3″ CDR on the amazing Medusa label of Canada…THREE SPOTS TWO CIRCLES.  There’s only 50 of these available, in tasty  screenprinted sleeves with an A3 fold-out in white, black and gold, giving it a luxury white chocolate vibe. £10 incl postage in the UK or £11 incl postage to Europe. Elsewhere you’d probably best get it from Medusa Records.  Massive thanks to Ayal Senior as always for making it happen.

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