Here’s what people have said about Ashtray Navigations:

“… new full-length album … that takes the new age/H-Pop formula of the current crop of pretenders and dissolves it in honey-tone melodies, endless celestial shortwave and haunted exotica. This is ghostly psychedelic music for stoned memories of sunshine reverie, with blissed distant Hawaiian ragas melting into infinity while feedback chatters like birdsong. Other tracks take the arpeggiated cosmo-keys of Klaus Schulze/Heldon into new zone of hallucinatory sound with fantasy flutes and bubbling synth combining in heartbreakingly sad arcs of almost classical beauty. And when he rips out the fat fuzz guitar, well, it’s everything that you always thought Fripp & Eno’s “The Heavenly Music Corporation” was gonna sound like. I can’t think of any other UK group that so consistently – and without much fanfare – releases 100% killer forward thinking bombs like this. And this is one of their best to date.” David Keenan, reviewing Ink Clouds and Axe Revealer, Volcanic Tongue, 30 Jan 2011

“sub-aquatic synth bubble, busted-up cassette-tape hiss and distorted electric guitar hover that sounds like a mythical god banished from the realm of light and trying desperately to clamber his/her way out of a dark bottomless void where time itself stands still.” -James Blackshaw, Foxy Digitalis

“Todd’s mastery of everything even remotely in tune with psychedelia is here in its spangled, sprawlin’ glory though he never shoots even so much as a backwards glance – Ashtray Navigations are pushing on into the 41st century and bucking “revivalism” so hard I got saddle sores” – Outer Space Gamelan

“Ashtray Navigations remain the best interstellar rock band in that genre’s never-ending dystopia.”- Scott McKeating, Rock-A-Rolla

“…sublime cosmic psychedelia…” Swedish Nurse blogspot

“AN remain a puzzlingly underrated but integral part of the UK underground scene. ‘Exploding Blue Floor Martin Denny is the best British solo electric guitar record since, what, Ray Russell’s Secret Asylum?” David Keenan, reviewing ‘Exploding Blue Floor Martin Denny’ LP in The Wire, March 2009

‘That drone cuts through my head, shards of glass mounted memory in ruptured angles. Inscribed scars of guitar knit over high-end cracks, hailstorms that grind, screech and decay. A rack of bells tremble, clatter as electro-prodded spikes jut out cactus like, as crushed metal is intersected by gnarling doubts and broken promises. From towers of plugs the angels cry blood, scratching out accolades of warm flesh from screaming mouths. Pity the pictures failed to capture all this, but pleasant to come away from the Cube with ringing ears for a change, digital spider monkeys playing in my brain all the way home.’ 2007

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