Several people have asked over the years for a complete ashtray navigations discography but I never kept one, unfortunately.  A lot of the early cassette releases went out in a tiny number of copies (single figures) and I’m not sure I even have some of them still.

The closest thing you can get to a full discography is still discogs – http://www.discogs.com/artist/Ashtray+Navigations

Many thanks to all the people who contributed in compiling this list.  It is still incomplete, but by the time you’ve listened to all that lot, I’m sure I’ll have recorded a few more…

Some more reissues of nuggets from the early tape years due soon.   We are  also collecting some of the original artwork from various releases in the Look section, so you can view it in high quality.


The Original Wooden Forest (7″)             Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers                     1992
Bicycle Glue Blues (Cass, Album, C60)         E.F. Tapes                                                      1993      Live At Wolf Central (Cass)     Freedom From                                                            1994   Creep (Cass, Album, C46)                               E.F. Tapes                                           1995  Plastic (Cass)                     Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers                                               1996
Who’s Been Rocking My Dream-Boat? (Cass)     Less Than Zero                                      1996
Four Raga Moods (CD)         Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers                                          1997
Split w/Universal Indians (CD, Ltd)     B.W.C.D./ American Tapes                                   1997
Use Copenhagen 69 Guitars & Park Drive Effects Pedals Exclusively(LP) Siltbreeze    1997
Sea II (CDr) Ignivomous                                                                                                        1997  Those Are Pearls That Were His Eyes (CDr, Ltd)     Solipsism                                 1998  Mayflower Garland (LP)                                   Outer Orbit                                                   2000
End-Of-The-Pier Vault (7″, Ltd)                                 Tonschacht                                       2000 Plaster Projection Instruction Record (LP)     Menlo Park Recordings                             2000
Tristes Tropiques (CD)  B.W.C.D., Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club, Rhizome           2000
Last Kiss Amateur Frequencies (7″)         Gameboy Records                                              2002
Aurora Grease Sweetrocket (CDr, Mini)         Memoirs Of An Aesthete                           2004
Electric Cointelpro (CDr, Mini)                          First Person                                                 2004
Some Cat Lost In His Own Picture (7″)         Memoirs Of An Aesthete                             2004
To Your Fucking Feather’d Wings (CD)         absurd, Gold Soundz                                    2004
Yesterday’s Teeth Cast In Gold (CDr)         PseudoArcana                                                 2004
You Cannot Tell Cigars By The Picture On The Box (CD) Celebrate Psi Phenomenon  2004  Sky Whine (CDr)                                            Memoirs Of An Aesthete                                2005
The Love That Whirrs (CD)                          Last Visible Dog                                              2005
Dirt Mummies And Bloody Amps (LP, Ltd)         Freenoise                                               2006

Flute Falling (Vertically) (CDr, Album, Ltd)         Spirit Of Orr                                         2006
Four More Raga Moods (CD)                                  Ikuisuus                                                2006
An Evening Of Contemporary Sitar Metal (CDr, Album, Ltd)                                          2007
Throw Up In The Sky / With Fine Clinking Magnets (LP)     Qbico                                2007
A Monument To British Rock (3xLP, Ltd)             Smokers Gifts                                    2008
Exploding Blue Floor Martin Denny (LP, Album, Ltd, Blu)     8mm Records                 2008
Idiot Music Lavatory Floor (2xCDr, Ltd)                         Not On Label                            2008
Mouth / Astrid (IX & VI) (Cass, C40)                                     Sick Head                            2008
Red Culture (LP)                                                                          M.O.A.A.                            2008
How Do Siamese Twins Arrange Their Love Lives? (LP)     Editions Zero                   2009   Sugar Head Record (2 x CDr)  Deep Water Acres                                                              2009   Six Imaginary Scenes From The Life Of Muhammad Al Aqil (LP)  Nashazphone   2009  The Beak Stuck Out Of The Snow (CD)  M.O.A.A.                                                           2010    Ink Clouds And Axe Revealer (CDr)     M.O.A.A.                                                               2010

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